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[I realize the page hasn't been updated in a looong time... I'll get back to it sometime]

This is me, back a bit.

If you need something, send me email:


Play bones. Get to the main Bones page here.
Bones is a game of 42, popular in Texas and played witn dominos, that I wrote in Java.

3D Tetris

I learned a little OpenGL in a college course, and then found GL4Java so I could use OpenGL with Java. Fun stuff!
So then I found this code (originally by Luis Miravalles) for a 3D Tetris game. Since all the sourcecode was in Spanish, the first thing I did was start translating it. Then I started fixing things and making a few things better. Now I'm in the upgrade phaze to make it cooler - Add some more goodies to make the game more interesting.
Check it out here: Tetris.jar
(You will have to install GL4Java to get it to work.) Source code

Some other applications I've made

Checkers A mouse that runs through a random maze A spinning top
Walking insect (Version one) Walking insects (Version two)

You may need these files to run the applications:
GLUT library
opengl library
Put them in your Windows/System or WinNT/System directory if windows can't find the files.

A graphical AVL tree (It's a tree that stays balanced regardless of where you add the next item.)

I haven't updated this page in a while, and I need to get around to doing it again.