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[I realize the page hasn't been updated in a looong time... I'll get back to it sometime]

This is me, back a bit.

If you need something, send me email:

My resume is available, too.


Play bones. Get to the main Bones page here.
Bones is a game of 42, popular in Texas and played witn dominos, that I wrote in Java.

This is a little program I wrote for mobile devices. It should work on PalmOS. It runs in Java, on a 3rd party virtual machine, so you'll need the SuperWaba VM to run it.

Basically, it's a program that lets you select notes for a simple score and play them. It supports three octaves, four note lengths and corresponding rests, and can play the melody. You can get the file here: MusicBox.pdb and here: MusicBox.prc, and the VM files here: SuperWaba.pdb and here Game utils

It's simple, has some buggy behavior, cannot save or load songs you write (yet), and does not "play" the rest correctly on my Palm m500, but it may on yours.

FiveDiamond Website Wizard - A project for a Software Engineering course.
This version is not connected properly to the database yet.
This version is still working

I was the project manager for this and also another project. The other was an online airline database for a Web Application Development course, but the prof left and the site was taken offline. It was done in ASP with an MS Access Database, and I may put it up another place if I get around to it.

3D Tetris

I learned a little OpenGL in a class, and then found GL4Java so I could use OpenGL with Java. Fun stuff!
So then I found this code (originally by Luis Miravalles) for a 3D Tetris game. Since all the sourcecode was in Spanish, the first thing I did was start translating it. Then I started fixing things and making a few things better. Now I'm in the upgrade phaze to make it cooler - Add some more goodies to make the game more interesting.
Check it out here: Tetris.jar
(You will have to install GL4Java to get it to work.) Source code

Get to the Choir page here.

Some other applications I've made

Checkers A mouse that runs through a random maze A spinning top
Walking insect (Version one) Walking insects (Version two)

You may need these files to run the applications:
GLUT library
opengl library
Put them in your Windows/System or WinNT/System directory if windows can't find the files.

A graphical AVL tree (It's a tree that stays balanced regardless of where you add the next item.)

I haven't updated this page in a while, and I need to get around to doing it again.
Here's a link to JavaLobby, maybe help them improve their rankings. - Sun Java, JSP and J2EE technology programming forums, software downloads, jobs and tutorials